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Comment: Silly

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What matters is not what they worship, but what they support. Do they support individual liberty? I'll take a Christian and a Satan worshiper who advocates for the defense of liberty, over either who doesn't.

Is what Beyonce did any different than people in Church who speak in tongues or through the holy ghost? Does Beyone's God cast her to hell if she does not worship or submit to it's will?

The irony of the video becomes more obvious at the end when we're told we must bow down to a tyrannical God or fall forever. That's not a good, and benevolent God. That's a cruel, evil and tyrannical God who grants you no free will or liberty.

In the end, I put liberty and free will above all else. I know nothing about Beyonce or her faith/beliefs. But I saw nothing in her performance that suggested she supported violating individual liberty - rather it seems to almost uphold the notion of individual sovereignty, with it's anti-establishment ritual meant to offend those who worship conformity, and instead she dares demand a worship of individual freedom and expression.

In short, there's no desire in her performance to disarm us. There's no suggestion of war or welfare. So what's the threat exactly? Please don't say sexual.