Comment: Start at morality, then work from there

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Start at morality, then work from there


This argument over Anarchists vs whatever is really pointless. Many in the RP movement have done a ton of research, but some still haven't read enough. Start out philosophically from a foundation of: The initiation of violence or force on another is wrong (not defense). It's a simple heuristic that I think most people can agree with.

Branching from there, any form of government that violates that principle is morally wrong. So as much as many including me would like to return to the Constitution, you're still on morally shaky ground.

What if people in Idaho want their own system of government, are you going to use force to make them conform to "the system", what about the people of a state county?

Marry this heuristic with the reality of where we really and actually are; we're likely not going to see a reform of the US back to it's constitutional roots. It's awfully late for that. It's far more likely that the US empire will fly apart into a thousand pieces. You can hope the government will come to heel, but that outcome is not very encouraging or likely by looking through history. If history is any guide, we're pretty much f$%*ed already.

I think the best and most realistic we can expect is to try to wake people up to the constitution, and constitutional government, realizing that we're probably not going to return to that, but it could serve to slow the bleeding, cushion the decline before it completely comes apart, and hopefully prevent a hyper-violent outcome, the likes of which seem to be the rule of history. The constitution could break that fall.

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring though, so I could be wrong.