Comment: Vaccines have a very rickety theory.

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Vaccines have a very rickety theory.

The body has evolved to fight off intruders by creating anti-bodies. It was doing so long before vaccines were introduced. Around Jenner, for example, many people who did not "get" cowpox would have not gotten it because their immune systems were adequate. Many of those would not have "gotten" smallpox.

The protagonists of vaccines would have us believe that vaccines "stimulate" our immune systems when they are just being activated and if inadequate nutrition is obtained, then the immune system will be depleted to that degree.

The human body (or other mammal bodies) did not wait across the centuries for someone to invent vaccines to suddenly find the ability to create antibodies.

A healthy body existing on a good and balanced diet having sufficient protein, vitamin and mineral complements, essential fatty acids and complex carbs and not over-exposed to toxins or refined (and thus nutritionally unbalanced) foods will create antibodies in response to intrusions without vaccines.

A body with a borderline immune system (has not been well fed or has been overstressed or toxified) can easily be tipped into disease by the intrusion of a vaccine.

This is all common sense and the method by which millions of people have stayed healthy.

When an intrusion overload has caused disease there are many nutritional measures that can be taken. The most general one is massive doses of vitamin C which appears to be an absolute bactericide and virucide per Dr Thomas Levy and others.

We are told that only medications will work on certain cases but all they can really do is mimic or block nutrients. The human body has evolved using what was in its environment. Any medication has to be recognisable to the body's systems in order for the body to use it. Many create unintended consequences by disrupting the balance of the way the body uses nutrients. The body obviously consists of what is ingested and not eliminated and it has learned to function on balances nutrition.