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Comment: The problem is...

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The problem is...

...that shaking your fist at the ultimate Light, Love, and Truth and insisting on leaving it will only bring you into darkness, hatred and lies; and that benefits no one, not even the self, in the long run. The most self-affirming act is also the act most affirming of others: embracing the Light, Love and Truth. Those who follow in the footsteps of Lucifer will soon discover this the hard way.

Of course, for those who don't believe in this Love stuff, they're really at root nihilists, and in that view nothing really matters in the end anyway--it's all just an absurd illusion with no meaning. That view, I believe, can be dangerous to Liberty, as it can lead to the justification of atrocities as just a rearrangement of matter and energy, ultimately no better or worse than any other arrangement, since there is no real meaning, no true, fundamental Love, Person, etc. Theists, atheists and 'Satanists' can all be authoritarians. Some will use God as an excuse for it; others will use 'no God' as an excuse for it; others will use 'self is all important' as the excuse for it.

I believe the only lasting Liberty can be found resting on true Love as its source and foundation. Those who deny Love's supremacy rather than affirm it seem to me to be more at risk of devolving into authoritarians of one stripe or another.