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What part of no masters do

What part of no masters do you not understand? Anarchy doesn't just mean freedom of government, it is about respecting the individual, complete freedom and it requires an educated mass... in a free market society it would never happen, not in a million years.... it is an oxymoron.

I would urge you to do a little more research on slavery as well, particularly here in the united states. Governments have set up slavery in every country known to man... they have funded, legislated, and backed it in the past just like they are doing right now discreetly with the majority of unaware human beings. As long as you are being taxed you are a slave, as long as your labor is being stolen you have become a slave.

Im not saying everyone will ever agree with me Im just saying I like to romanticize the idea of ultimate freedom, it may be a silly idea, but to me it is not, to me it is the solution for humanity. And if you do enough research you will find that there is not one problem without a non coersive market solution, humans are intelligent creatures who do not require a magical body of superiors to think and act. Human being are also naturally social animals who love each other and want to help out when they are not having force and violence acted upon them.