Comment: More smug paraxodial pro-capitalism/anti-capitalism from Adams

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More smug paraxodial pro-capitalism/anti-capitalism from Adams

I criticize this charlatan every time his articles pop up on the DP, and I have determined that he has no recognizable, consistent political ideology. He often demonizes capitalism and praises capitalism and government intervention in subsequent sentences. His medical claims are a giant hypocritical paradox. He has an uncanny ability to take a legitimate medical issue and spin so that it is pseudoscience gibberish. Mike Adams is pretty much just contrarian to Big Pharma and mainstream medicine, even when his criticisms are blatantly contradictory.

"The true nature of Big Pharma is really on display here for the whole world to see. What we're learning is that any nation foolish enough to hand over its health system to the for-profit system of chemical medicine should be prepared to be targeted by that very system, held hostage for corporate profits at any cost to society."

I don't know why people support his propaganda and insane rants. Does this ending paragraph sound like he supports the free market?