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Comment: Hmmm using it to get attention

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Hmmm using it to get attention

and as a selling gimmick. The danger is that young people might adopt some of the VALUES associated with satanism if it becomes so prevalent in the public view.

There are different planes of awareness. The astral plane is the easiest to contact, the spirit realm, ghosts. Some people scare themselves with all this and need to remember that there is nothing to fear in any encounter. You are more powerful than any spirit or anything you might encounter. If you are one to have contacts, come up above the atmosphere to the higher angelic realm which is a realm of LOVE and caring. Seek that rather than satan and spirits and demons. Go higher.

The satanic values encourage ego, sensuality, emotion, fear, and all the perverted rituals that go with the cult. Do we really want these ideas to begin to pervade society? I would not buy into it or buy any products that encourage it.