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Comment: Sorry (if I didn't say it before) -- I meant "liberty" in the

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Sorry (if I didn't say it before) -- I meant "liberty" in the

Misesian Consumer-Sovereignty sense of the word.

I agree with you "we" (blacks, indians, women, and poor whites) are freer now then we (to degree and percentage by category) were from 1860 going back.

I do not believe "liberty" in the Misesian sense can be achieved via voting and lobbying because the ballot box is NOT a free-market good or service -- it is a corporatist one and can therefore only bring about corporatist type results.

I'm sure certain people are freer under a Dictatorship then are under American Corporatism -- it's how things shake out for the rest of the society (under said Dictatorship) that begs the larger question.

In this instance are blacks-indians-women freer now then they were 1930 going on back -- the answer is 1000% yes yes yes.

And going back for most poor whites (from 1860 on back) is yes yes yes as well.