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Comment: Yes, when we looked for land to build a homestead,

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Yes, when we looked for land to build a homestead,

we checked out Colorado first. We found the taxes, fees and regulations to do anything were outrageous. One place far from anywhere didn't allow one to hang one's clothes outdoors. I would recommend you to stick to Wyoming and Montana. They each have their ups and downs, but both are much more free than Colorado. Wyoming's ups: warmer temps, low real estate taxes incredible gun freedoms including concealed carry WITHOUT a permit. Wyoming's downs: sales tax of 6 percent.Wind. Montana's advantages: Beautiful almost everywhere, no sales tax. moderate real estate taxes, almost as good as Wyoming on gun rights. Downside to Montana: cold in winter, short summer, wind there too.More expensive for like real estate in Montana than Wyoming. We found both Montana and Wyoming people very nice.