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It's called mind control

The point is, many people out there believe for right or for wrong that Ron Paul is evil, yet Ron Paul supporters try to "get out the vote" with hopes that they can force their cult-of-personality onto everyone else -- you know, "for their own good." Ron Paul supporters -- especially Ron Paul supporters -- should grasp the difference between a Political Economy school of thought (e.g. Austrian School) and a politician (e.g. any of a million different lowlifes).

What part of the phrase " politician can possibly ever deliver" is mistaken? I mean, besides no part of it. I've heard weak attempts to rally around a so-called Social Contract, but all that ever represents -- either Hobbesian or Lockean -- is history's most tragic example of mass psychosis, of widespread belief in the imaginary.

As Letterman (a NWO stooge) might say: "You been hip-oh-tized." Deprogram yourself.