Comment: Expect to pay a premium

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Expect to pay a premium

Regardless of where you purchase "junk" silver, you should expect to pay a premium. How much? That would depend on market conditions, availability to dealer, and a myriad of other factors. Generally between 3% and 5% above "spot" is considered normal, with dealers that have access to larger inventories usually charging in the lower of the range.

EBay prices seem to be on the high side of normal, but much of that difference can be attributed to the fees charged by both eBay and PayPal. The rest by a buying public that may be in a panic buying mode.

Where you buy is your business, but before you do, take a look at or other sites that list the precious metal value of many US coins. Many of these sites do not list coins not intended for circulation, so a good guidebook listing these would be helpful.

Also, collector value of proof, uncirculated, and many older coins demand a higher premium.

Be careful, have fun.