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Comment: Robin can't wait to become a naturalized citizen

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Robin can't wait to become a naturalized citizen

It takes time you know...years. And one only gets to write for Huffpo if one is invited by them, and they do not compensate any of their contributors. You do know that he is holds degrees in physics and philosophy from Cambridge, which informs his writing, something that he is very passionate about.

Robin is doing the spade work of sowing ideas of liberty and nurturing them to grow, not just here in America, his adopted home but worldwide. Next week he will be attending the European Students for Liberty Conference in Brussels. And last year he taught liberty classes in Poland and if I remember correctly in Latvia. He is a huge asset to our movement here in WA state, and he has been carrying Dr. Paul's message across the USA in lectures, tv and radio interviews, at C4L meetings, etc.

I am proud to call him my friend and welcome his point of view. He is one of the hardest working proponents of the liberty message out there...firmly on our side.