Comment: There are reasons to NOT trust Ron Paul either.

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There are reasons to NOT trust Ron Paul either.

Nor would I trust any Anarchist. I don't hear any of you talking about serving justice, including Ron Paul. I hear him telling me I shouldn't cause a ruckus and to be respectful to the criminals who think they're going to use our government and monetary system as an engine to spread injustice.

I hear him telling me I should respect carbon taxing mass murderers, and maybe that's because Ron Paul isn't interested in serving justice or fixing anything. As he says, he's interested in watching them destroy America because he thinks he can build on the rubble.

Glenn Beck is right to hate some Libertarians, and I don't blame him for wanting NOTHING to do with them. Most of the people who call themselves Libertarians are just Anarchists and destroyers. You know the type, the kind of person who can't call themselves a Republican and try to blame injustice on government. They have NO IDEA what the problem is. They're like gun grabbers who think they can get rid of injustice by getting rid of guns, and that's what government is, collective force, and just like a gun, it can be used to serve justice or injustice.

Don't blame Glenn Beck, and don't blame government. Blame yourself.

Blame the people who unjustly want what they don't have a right to.

Blame the people like Ron Paul who love to imagine that what we need is a giant mound of rubble and death.

Blame the people who came into this thinking they were surrounded by sheep and retards here to be used in a revolution.

Blame yourself for thinking you were going to start a revolution screaming about how stupid everybody is, because now the only people who're going to face justice are the ones who wanted to use people as their instruments of destruction.