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Kudos on the walkback, most people wouldn't do it in your situation.

Idk, I remember reading Koerner's work a while back, 2011 at least. A part I like about him was that he was won over on the basis of ideas, and quite honestly that's how I think everyone should join this movement. Leaving the name calling and the absurdity we call the debate between Dem and Rep to actually listen to ideas is an important step. Many of us were caught up in that absurdity before and saw the light. I think it's important that we accept people whether they came through from the Dem or the Rep side. As long as they're thinking for themselves and writing quality, well thought out analysis, I see now reason to judge them harshly.

As for the media thing, I believe Koerner actually had the gig at HuffPost before he went Pro-Paul (I may be wrong here). He came from the Dem side, and they're definitely a more Liberal crowd (cough understatement cough). During the run up, he definitely put in a great effort trying to pull disaffected Dems though and explaining how Liberty really works.

I hear you on the annoyance with the feelings of manipulation. Heck, we got hosed on the whole Tea Party co-opting pretty hard, and that was just recently, we're prime for another "leader" of the movement who is really just a bonehead. I just think Koerner is the wrong target for the angst.


Eric Hoffer