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I went through the same thing...

When I left the navy and started college. But I had a little more credence when I spoke as the classes were smaller and I was already 28 years old. Much easier to project confidence to a group who is mainly 8-10 years younger when you are bringing up terms they don't even know. Example: my poli sci teacher was clearly a marxist and he would give us this "obama is doing the best he can, the republicans are blocking this and that" and I would go on to say all the things Obama had the ability to do as the executive that he didn't, especially regarding troop movements and extraordinary rendition. When he'd bring up capitalism he would give it this "and then they think the market will solve blah" and I would go into how capitalism had done a better job in example x of increasing whatever standard of living type deal.
Keep it up, some may even end up agreeing with you and just don't know they were allowed to. I didn't convert anyone but I did put up the bulwark of forcing the professor into an argument every time he tried to insert his very obvious bias.

Later I went to a community college in the town I grew up in, Kingman AZ. I had an economics professor who was a republican glenn beck type and a history teacher who was a michael savage/thomas sowell type. Neither were libertarian but I spent the entire class trying to convert them over to free market capitalism as opposed to the "we hate democrats" ideology. I wrote about the reagan revolution, the great depression, I cited Murray Rothbard's "America's Great Depression", I used Peter Schiff's books, I spoke out in class every time another student wanted to schill for one of the two parties. I remember some older guy smugly trying to say look at the deficits under clinton then under bush, and I said out loud "yeah, but those were completely fake, debt went up every year" and then told the class to google it with the computers in front of them. My teacher, hating democrats, did it and found out I was right. So it's those little victories, and everyone hearing you bash republicans and democrats equally. It's usually the first time they ever hear the perspective of "both sides of these losers are responsible for all this garbage". Keep the narrative on economic facts and ideas, keep the partisan crap the joke it is.

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