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Where's the one-on-one..., sincere, non-condescending interview between Glenn and Dr. Paul? -- not just some short token interview on what they agree on (federal spending, the Fed, etc.), but on the thorny issues of foreign policy, etc. When I see Glenn sincerely doing that and not following it up with some back-stabbing smear job with his smug sidekicks making snide remarks about Dr. Paul and us, then I might have hope there is something genuine about his interest in the Liberty movement, as more than something to derail.

When I see him going back to revisit the Founders and underscoring the non-interventionist foreign policy he conveniently left out in previous years of going on about George Washington and company, then I might start to believe him.

Does anyone else sense something bristling in Glenn, something in his body language or eyes, when he has guests like G. Edward Griffen? It seems like he's saying words that he needs to say for his audience to think he's on their side; but I sense this underlying discomfort he has for some of his guests. Take the freshman Libertarian in the recent video (w/ Jack Hunter, etc.), for example -- you could tell Glenn wasn't liking him so much, and was kind of more abrupt with him than with the other two.

When he had the fellow on who invented 3-D gun magazine printing, Glenn told him that he wasn't sure yet if he was friend or foe... I loved the glimmer in the guest's eyes when he returned his gaze and said 'that's a good question.' It was like he was challenging Glenn -- are you really a friend or foe of Liberty?

I hope my suspicions are all wrong; and I will be quick to cheer Glenn on if he is genuine. But forgive my doubts in the meantime. :)