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Comment: Am I not entitled to my opinion?

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Am I not entitled to my opinion?

I even couched it with he "sounds" like a good man. If the comment is above mine, then that means it came after mine and I did not have the benefit of reading it. Let's look at your evidence. If you are refering to the comment about a "meltdown" I would like to know the facts about that as I have no first hand knowledge. Do you? Are you refering to him thinking his uncle was a hero in Vietnam? The soliders and the public were brainwashed and lied to to justify war. Vietnam is a deep, ugly scar for the U.S. and everyone involved. If it helps him deal with the loss of a loved one, then he is entitled to his opinion.

1. I think well of Mike Lee and respect his opinion. I also did a limited google search to get more information. I found him closer to our point of view than the democrat he ran against.

2. I believe we need more people that can articulate our positions. I thought he did a good job of getting his point of view across.

3. Putting a little twist on a message can get people's attention. Obviously it worked as he was worthy of a DP post and has received some other media attention.

I come to the DP to exchange ideas and to learn in a friendly manner. I happened to like what he said and the way he said it.