Comment: "It seems the prices aren't shrinking with the spot price."

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"It seems the prices aren't shrinking with the spot price."

"It seems the prices aren't shrinking with the spot price."

I confirm, of course. But think about it: it totally makes sense for sellers, matter of fact - when the spot price goes down, if one sells, it's one's interest to not let their selling price go down as fast. Likewise, when the spot goes up, sellers have to reduce their margin/premium if they want to attract buyers - quite natural free market laws, as part of the bid/ask game, if you like.

Now, I don't personally use eBay, only dear wife does, so I'm not competent on the state of current trends, although I did a bit of raw data mining lately, just out of Math curiosity, on what's going on re: silver coins, on there:

However, my wife did mention not so long ago that it was less and less easy to find great or just good deals on eBay, so I suppose she could relate to your experience you've posted, too.

And, if you can't move around easily, I can sure relate - pedestrian here. But true, also, online dealers a la APMEX and ProvidentMetals do offer what they call "Our Choice" kind of deals, see for instance:

I find the shipping costs reasonable on average. The only thing is to watch when the premium gets at its lowest - hint: and that's, again, usually NOT when the spot price itself goes down - quite the opposite, like I said. And yes, currently the premiums are high, pretty much everywhere... :/

If your recurring silver stacking budget is humble or very humble, I can only recommend you just wait to save enough fiat dollars over longer periods of time to buy more than just a few ounces, as that's not quite worth it otherwise, after you add the premium + shipping on top of it.

Good luck!


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