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I ask why you dont understand where have you been?

Glen Beck is the primary reason that Texas is still stuck with that criminal Rick (Bilderberg) Perry.

Glen Beck did a hatchet job on Debra Medina, She was running for governor Texas on a platform similar to Ron Paul’s Liberty, She lives the same local as RP here in Texas, she wanted to abolish that vile extorted theft called property tax. The extortion that usurps a mans ownership of private property.

Glen Beck is a huge traitor. Do your research before you discredit others with terms like “OBSESSED”, No one is obsessed with Glen Beck.

He is a huge criminal still walking free committing crimes against humanity, yet some still say oh well nothing to be concerned about.

Some actually say, I don’t see why those people are so obsessed with Glen Beck.

Me I say what a terrible question, to lazy to do your own research so you talk down to others.

Just look at some vids of when RP was doing a pres run and some of the things that GB stated on FAUX and other MSM media ie. radio.