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not so fast...

"I meant a market operating in a stateless society, a.k.a. anarchy. In an anarchist society, there are no unalienable rights because there's no agreement on what those rights would be, and no mechanism to protect rights."

why is there no agreement?
are you saying that you couldn't agree, to not take someone else's stuff without asking them permission, without "the state"? and why do weapons and self defense magically disappear with "the state"?

what is "the state"? a border?
anarchy means "without rulers". that is all it means, it doesn't mean "Without representative consentual government". what is a "ruler"? look that up. it is someone who subjects other people to their authority through force and RULES over them. well i, for one, am all for a world "without rulers".

also... the taxation of people's income, property and "estate" is theft. taking money from someone without their consent is, in fact, a literal definition of theft. like it or not... it is the truth.

sales taxes, however, can be avoided by not buying the items that cost too much...

Free the Market and Legalize Liberty.

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