Comment: We use our underlying assumptions

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We use our underlying assumptions

about life, our worldview so to speak, to explain any given set of facts or evidence, to put the evidence into some sort of an overall picture that explains it, to make the evidence part of a coherent whole.

Me, I take the evidence of placebo effect as something that hints to us that there is far more to us than we know, to mean that at the Fall into sin, bentness, crookedness, and corruption we humans lost a lot of what we originally were, and that we ought to work toward regaining that full use of our created bodies within the context of the rest of created matter.

I believe that there is a real, scientific, if you will, explanation of how the placebo effect works as part of the mechanism (but not mechanistic) of matter, but like most everything else, we don't know what it is YET!

At any rate, I could be wrong, but that's my guess at this point for what it's worth.