Comment: Are you equally holding Tom

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Are you equally holding Tom

Are you equally holding Tom Woods accountable for his neoconservative views before he was converted? In fact do you every person who eventually were converted accountable for what they did and said before they got converted?

I did my research. His disagreement on foreign policy is the main issue he had with Paul. A lot of people feel the same. Beck said he has changed his mind on that.

Has he changed? maybe, maybe not. But if him talking about it converts a few of his listeners to learn more and then become libertarians, I am happy. I am sure you won't want that to happen.

Is Beck worse than any other talk or radio host who trashed Paul and/or libertarians?

Stossel even had guests on that came back later and said he changed their mind. IS that not something you want?

All your points are from OLD videos. Provide us something from the last few months while he claims to have been taught more about it.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...