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I know all about the coins.

I keep my change in plastic tubes and wrap it up in paper rolls as soon as they're full. The only difference between that and saving a massive amount over time is perception. I roll up brass pennies and nickels and keep them. All of the other change I spend. The pennies aren't really worth 2.3 cents because they're illegal to melt at the moment. Same applies to the nickels, but they've dipped below face value today. I've only ever got a 40% silver half dollar and a Silver Eagle from asking for coins. There's just nothing out there anymore, and by the frequency I ask for coins, the place is onto my game and they just keep them for themselves now. There are also other people who do the same thing at the same store and are able to get there before me. The general manager hoards halves underneath the tray in the till. I'm reluctant to have my bank order $500 in halves from the Fed to search through. It's just a waste trying to find silver in circulation anymore, unless you work with cash, and that time could be spent doing something more constructive for more and surer profit.

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