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Comment: I agree, but say keep a close eye on him.

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I agree, but say keep a close eye on him.

I agree, but say keep a close eye on him. The people are sheep and if Beck starts to become this "leader" of the Liberty movement, he could have serious influence over the movement and be used just at the right time to..........lead us to a certain candidate that might not be one of ours. Meaning, he could be a useful tool.

This is tough b/c we could use some help going mainstream and fast forward the awakening, but at the same time, we all knew TPTB were going to try and infiltrate, divide and conquer after they saw Ron Paul's movement. So is Beck it? Maybe, maybe not.

It's kind of like, if FOX was really gonna ride the Liberty train then why not pay Doc Paul the big bucks and give him a show. Or, give the Judge back Freedom Watch but on main FOX News, or, stack the nightly news with liberty folks. I say if "they" let him grow, but you don't hear similar stuff to what the Judge would say on his show, then we have our answer.

Glenn also sees the movement and momentum swinging perhaps in our direction and wants in on the gravy.

At least that's my take.