Comment: The Superman idea - debunked

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The Superman idea - debunked

Yes, that's all about it:

"[...]is a great way to have us all dependent on the state. The end result is global totalitarianism."

What the useful idiots systematically fail to realize re: wishful utopias that imply somehow the necessary existence of a big state (or of a small one, albeit designed to grow) ... is that there is indeed a hidden agenda behind "the Superman idea" - be it veiled or openly bragging about itself - but debunked long ago, anyway:

... should they just bother reading from our past, and the non-mainstream once in a while, preferably.

But the useful idiots tend to not care much about fixing their ignorance. Hell, no. Rather:

Their contemplating to get "free stuff" and/or "free safety" from the state ... has higher priority.

What follows is very much mechanical, deterministic. Just a matter of time.

Nazi Germany or Soviet Union or etc survivors can probably confirm.

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