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Tom Woods dont know of him very well

and didnt have reason to look into him. Beck has cost me personaly. Tom Woods has not, at least that I know of.

The scale of the crime is not the same in my mind. Beck was sucking up to the Kabal using the air waves to gleen favor and wealth at the cost of many others.

But its about the crime and the time. Glen is still a huge lieing crap, still shilling for favor. The second he gets you to trust him he will stab you and cry out that your at fault and hurting him so by making him stab you. Nah Beck is not welcome in my life not in any way shape or form. I dont care how many name you throw in I know the trash of Glen Beck and No is always gona be my final answer. His crimes are by far to high, he needs rehabilitation. I am talking bubba and jail house bars.