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Comment: It is a constant State of Revenge

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It is a constant State of Revenge

A coworker from Algeria explained 9/11 to me in this manner. Imagine living in a somewhat hostile area where your Leaders make all kinds of bad decisions, that you mostly have to endure, and you find out your neighborhood has been bombed. You rush home to find your house destroyed and can only find bits and pieces of flesh that must be your wife, son, and daughter. You also find a bomb fragment with French writing on it.

Instantly that person turns from someone just trying to make a living and provide for their family into a person hell bent on Revenge. They have nothing to lose, it has all been taken from them and they realize the Mullahs who had been telling them for years that The Great Satan will one day get them, have been right all along.

This once peaceful person dedicates their existence to getting Revenge.
It turns out that it is difficult for once peaceful person who had their family blown to bits to get back at the ones who are directing the carnage, so they take it out on someone like them or affiliated with them. It turns out that it is difficult for the ones doing the Air Bombing to get only the ones they are after so they end up blowing up innocent Human Beings.

The ones doing the Air Bombing are the only ones that can stop this. They are doing it under our Assumed Consent, so even Americans who disagree with The Feds Foreign Policy are culpable.

Either we stop the Feds from continuing the bombing, or we must expect the cycle to continue.