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Economics is by definition "Household Management"

Micro Economics is the Management of your OWN HOUSE, your OWN AFFAIRS.

Macro Economics is the Management of Many Houses, and others Affairs.

'The Economy' is simply the sum of all the individual Economies out there. Sadly, most of The Economy is Macro, or Households managed by someone else.

Micro is Free Enterprise, Macro is Monopoly. Micro is the attempt to Predict the Economic Behavior of others in order to be able to predict the outcome of your own. Macro is the attempt to Coerce the Economic Behavior of others.

The Economy is not some singular entity. It is the combination of all of our Lives and all of our Decisions. What we see today is about 20,000 to 30,000 individuals who have monopolized just about every Resource and Household on the planet.

Are we free to make our own Household Decisions? Not a chance, because too many have been brainwashed into thinking that the Health of the Macro Economy trumps the Health of the Micro Economy. That is Nobility and Serfdom in the practical sense.

If you want to really open your mind, read Hayek. He shows clearly how to look past what is being 'said' to what is actually happening in the practical sense. Calling Serfdom a Federal Republic does not produce a Federal Republic, it produces Serfdom that is a Republic In Name Only. RINO.