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I am for the legalization of raw milk for sale and consumption. But I would suggest to those who consume it, raw or pasturized, do your research on its effects in the human body. We have been told that calcium builds strong bones and teeth, this is true. We have also been told that drinking cow's milk is a great way to get the calcium you need, this is kinda true. Please be aware, non-human 'ANIMAL' milk acts as an 'acid' when consumed, our bodies balance this acid with a 'base', and where do this base come from? It is extracted/ leached from our BONES in the form of CALCIUM. The more ANIMAL milk you drink the weaker your bones. Why are all the old people breaking hips and fracturing things when they fall? Their bones are brittle. It is true we need calcium for strong bones, just don't get it from animal milk or you will experience the opposite effect. Try almond milk, rice milk, soy milk (do research on soy, not sure if it's the best thing for you), coconut milk.

Also the cells in animal milk are very, very similar to our own and can trick our immune system into fighting itself , for it cannot tell the difference between a natural cell and a foreign cell. Autoimmune issues may arise from cnsumtion of animal milk. Ther is a post on here about milk and meat causing cancer, i would check it out, and/or please read a book called the CHINA STUDY it may change your life.

Anyway, like I said, I am all for the legalization of raw milk, actually I'm for the legalization of all things except force from one toward another. I'm just suggesting that one should be careful with ANIMAL milk, and ANIMAL protein. ANIMAL protein, can be for another thread. Thank you for your time