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There is a problem which you

There is a problem which you didn't address; and that is that the consumer technology/goods are moving in a direction which will require continuous employment: the Cloud -monthly payment, Leasing Cars -monthly payment, Renting a home/place to live -monthly payment, Internet Service -monthly payment, Cell phone -monthly payment, Public Water/Sewer -quartly payment, Upgrading or Replacing computers, cell phones and such -yearly or every other year payment.

The point being is that the services which people are becoming -by choice mostly- dependent on are becoming an On-Demand service; this isn't in and of itself a bad thing, but it will require people to contantly pay for the services which by necessity will require that the people have jobs to make the money to pay for these services.

So, while technology may theoretically be heading in a direction where work and employment could technically be minimized, the consumers are moving in a direction which will require people to continously work 'til there very last days. If this isn't a recipe for disaster then I don't know what is. These two trends are diametrically apposed to each-other; and this situation which is becoming ever more evident with every passing year, is and will continue to be used to push us further and further into Statism.