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"For 99.8 percent of human

"For 99.8 percent of human history people lived exclusively in autonomous bands and villages. At the beginning of the Paleolithic [i.e. the stone age], the number of these autonomous political units must have been small, but by 1000 B.C. it had increased to some 600,000. Then supra-village aggregation began in earnest, and in barely three millennia the autonomous political units of the world dropped from 600,000 to 157. In the light of this trend, the continued decrease from 157 to 1 seems not only inescapable but close at hand"
~ Anthropologist Robert L. Carneiro

Humans have been around for a long time. The 0.2 percent he does not refer to are humans since the Paleolithic age, Mesopotamia onward, civilization. Look what has happened in a short few thousand years - slavery, democide, homicide, war, holodomor, and genocide are all accepted human institutions. So for the rest of the 4-8 million years humans were...wait for it....anarchists. I think that is a pretty good record for anarchy.

According to Gwen Dyer, anthropologist and historian humans lived in relative egalitarian small bands in prehistoric times. All the adults would basically have pow wows around campfires to decide what to do next. They would sit there for days until everyone was convinced. Civilization has been really ugly for humans according to Gwen.

It would be hard to compare or imagine what it would actually look like now that we have so much knowledge at our fingertips. But it would have to be really beautiful in my mind. But utopia is not why I am an anarchist. I do not believe in force. Easy peasy.