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You're on the right track

but you seem to have simply picked a very round number for no reason. I've read so much on this and the general consensus of all of that is that we really only need 15%, not 50%. The "even less" part that arrives from automating as much as we can drops to a staggering 5%.

Forget the politicians and bankers. If we did things the way they should be done (should have migrated to for the last century), then we would be earning roughly 5+ times our current nominal income and retiring in 1/5 of the career length. That spreads the 15% jobs out to 5 times as many people, meaning 75% of current numbers get to benefit. Now cut out those that don't want to work, second incomes, college kids, etc. and that's a perfect balance with the number of jobs available. Magic.

"Just about every single problem" I have yet to find a problem that I can't fully relate back to monetary enslavement.