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Comment: The Atrocities of War Redux

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The Atrocities of War Redux

Does everyone clearly see the horror and irrational behavior of war?

In every modern military conflict there are always more innocent people slain than actual aggressors. Why does this happen?

1. A spontaneous fight occurs in a battlefield that transitions into a non-hostile location (civilian neighborhood).

2. Bad intelligence on where the enemy is located.

3. Soldiers who kill everyone in a targeted area to instill psychological fear.

4. Soldiers who commit sexual assault for personal gratification or plunder property for monetary gain.

5. Soldiers who kill for retaliation.

6. Soldiers who kill for sport.

World War II - the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 (see: ).

Korean War - the No Gun Ri Massacre in 1950 (see: ).

Vietnam War - the Mai Lai massacre in 1968 (see: ).

Iraqi War - the Haditha killings in 2005 (see: ).

These are all examples of the creations of war, a pervasive insanity, a failure of foreign policy statesmanship.

Despite the platitudes presented to the American people about "just wars" and the rules of military conflict, war brings out the evil in the souls of every man and woman who kill with mindless immorality.

Bradley Manning sounded the clarion call that all Americans must heed. We have to stop the rush to war. We have to reject the concept of a "war economy". Stop the damn wars.