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Awesome question

And the answer is that each and every one of your listed items and every other one that can be listed has a "buy once - own forever" solution available. Sure, replacements will always come into play but not near as much once longevity becomes a purchasing factor, not convenience or cost.

Cloud and Internet service - mesh networks are coming very soon where we all just connect to our neighbors and there's no central backbone or control. This may be done with today's WiFi, a 3G/4G config or even via LED light modulation (think porch lights, head lights, street lights, stop lights). The software will likely be free and the hardware is similar to today's equipment.

Leasing cars - This has always been dumb but if you can't afford to buy one, very soon we will have Skytran. For 1/10 or less of owning a car and 1/20th of a cab ride, you can privately travel anywhere under 300 miles faster than by any other method.

Renting a home - Homes will be getting much cheaper very soon as automation techniques and non-standard building techniques come online. On top of that, as populace wealth increases, inter and intra-family lending will help this trend away from the banks and interest and toward very short term loans.

Water - With higher energy capacity, options like become more sensible. This also leads to better waste water for centralized or self treatment. Combining with a small home digester, you can collect methane, heat, hydrogen, natural fertilizer or any combination from the output. Also, large scale water desalination / waste to energy systems are nearing commercialization.

Energy - New advancements in concentrated solar are poised to take over Solar PV and give people decentralized power from stored sunshine both day and night and the by-products are regular heat and/or cooling.

This is the short list but consider that each is LESS EXPENSIVE to the consumer over 3-4 year time frames than any option available today. There are many more and when one breaks through the dam of funding, the rest will follow.