Comment: I don't feel any empathy for

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I don't feel any empathy for

I don't feel any empathy for Dorner. If the LAPD did or did not start the fire, Dorner had it coming. The man was a killer who was putting up a dang good fight in the cabin who intended to go out in a dramatic style but instead went out in flames.

Many people say, "doesn't Dorner deserve due process and a fair trial?" Well the way I see it, a person who is on the run and hiding who is being accused of murder, engages in a gun fight with the police once he is compromised and is killed by the police (supposedly) by destroying the shelter he was in, the only way he will get due process is if he surrenders and allows himself due process, and he didn't. Now people are backing the killer? Saying he deserves due process? Yes he did deserve due process if he surrendered and was arrested, but that's not the case. Would it had made a difference if SWAT went in and double tapped him? Maybe it would be more humane so to speak but your also risking lives. Drone drops a bomb on him? I think that would be wrong due to the fact nobody would know the state of mind he was in (surrender or not, assuming there was no gun fight) since there was a fight, he intended to kill and be killed, burn down the cabin.