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What is wrong with me

Well, we simply don't have time to go into all of that - not sure I can write an entire essay for a post.

But what is wrong with the situation? That is simple

A man defending his home is a patriot, not a terrorist.

Even if there is an RPG or an ak-47(which if you want to debate fine, but to me is irrelevant), how does that excuse the immoral and barbaric behavior of those who are representing the (allegedly)greatest, freest?, most morally just nation ever to grace this planet.
The truth? The truth is, these pilots acted in a manner unbecoming a US soldier. They acted with no regard to human life and the preservation there of. And when confronted with the reality that they had just fired upon the most innocent in society - they showed less remorse than a stripper grabbing your dollars. These are not honorable traits. These are not virtues I wish to stand and salute.

Let me guess, you are a tough guy, you get it. How do you shoot women and children - you just dont lead them as far. Is that the truth you subscribe to.
Except this isnt some movie and those are real people, with real families who just were trying to help another human being - which is more than can be said for those soldiers representing us.

Intellectual avoidance? I think displacement is the term you need to start to consider.