Comment: Anarchy?

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Here are some extremely imporant points about anarchy. By definition, anarchy is both impossible and also the greatest ideal for freedom ever. All the word means is "to be without government". All government means is "control of an individual by another". To truly be an anarchy, a society must be full of individuals who refuse to govern each other. Isn't that liberty? Isn't liberty the idea that I have power over myself, but nobody else? Anarchy is impossible because human nature, and any species' nature in the animal kingdom, is flawed and nature isn't perfect. Some one will always try to govern someone else and abuse their natural right to freedom, wether it is to steal their food, or simply a father governing his son by forcing him to go to sleep early. Anarchy is simply impossibel by definition. However, by defintion, it is not the freak show many of you want it to be. No justice is necessary in an anarchy because for it to be an anarchy in the first place, no individuals will have governed the actions of anyone else by use of force. The minute one individual controls another, by theft, force, etc., they are governing a member of society and thus, creating government.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).