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The anarchists have convinced me too

Ron Paul has done a good job keeping his anarchist beliefs in the closet. I had my suspicions but wanted to give RP the benefit of the doubt, so I began my post by saying he's not an anarchist. I should probably change the intro to "Is Ron Paul an anarchist? I didn't think so, but the anarchists have convinced me otherwise." Thanks for the idea.

I expected many Ron Paul supporters to defend RP's alleged support for limited gov't. So the overwhelming support of anarchists for RP's anarchism surprised me. I think this indicates that quite a few DPers are anarchists, but I'm glad we have a gov't that protects their right to speak freely about their ideas. It just proves them wrong with regard to their criticism of the timeless, moral principles our country was founded upon, and the unalienable rights they protect.

I've had a similar experience at another online forum called the Thomas Jefferson Hour. I've been permanently banned from that forum just for adovcating what I believe to be Jeffersonian ideals. There's no doubt in my mind that the creators of The Jefferson Hour are anarchists attempting to co-opt Jefferson's ideas of limited gov't for anarchist purposes. And their extreme censorship demonstrates the fascist agenda of some anarchists. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)