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The major issue I have always

The major issue I have always seen with the Venus Project is there isnt a 'transition peroid'. Plain and simple it cannot be transisioned into. It has to be an all or nothing. The world has to wake up and say, we are going to do this, and then it is done. Granted it is estimated that it will take 10 years to go from where were are to the full implementation.

The idea as a whole is global or not at all. Sure we can manage with say 75% of the resources and people. Then those that want to live under some other system can go off and do that (they can even do that withing the Venus Project society so why would you want to seperate) But in order for it to function any needed resources must be contained withing it. This is why it cant be implimented in one country alone, no single country that I know of contains eneough of all the global resources needed.

So there lies the problem of transitioning into it, at least in a physical sense. Transitioning into it for a mental state can be done gradually. The only reason this is needed at all is because people are constantly told and brainwashed that we dont have eneough resources to go around and everyone must compete for their fair share. When in reality this isnt true. Think of how much food rots on store shelves because no one is there to buy it while a homeless man sits outside begging for change so he can eat. How many cars are rusting in a junk yard while we did gashes in the earth for more iron. How many tools and trinkets you buy that break right away, so you throw them in the trash and buy a new one.

But because of how our current systems work we must compete for this excess, while products are made to break and be wasteful. Your told that food prices must rise because there just isnt eneough to go around, while they sit and rot on a shelf because you cant afford it. So we must fight this perception, and wake people up to the reality that there is eneough to go around. Not eneough to be wasteful of it, but eneough that with the proper measures there is more than needed.
And when people realize this with the fact that technology can be implimented to do 90% of the work for us, then we can transition to the Venus Project.

And yes that starts with realizing that the people moving money around does nothing for our society and they are using us. And that because of technology companies can pay us more and require us to work less, rather than giving CEO's that delegate the real work to other massive bonuses and netting billions in profits and not paying any taxes to the system that allows it to operate.

So we do have a lot of growing to do before we can really realize the Venus Project. But we can make small strides every day to realize that goal. Because if we dont all of here know where it will lead. The same thing that has happened for countless cycles over the centuries.
A great nation is founded by people who give everything they have in hopes to create a better, easier place for themselves and others. And once that place is created, the people relax, while the corrupt slowly crawl in and destroy everything good about it. Eventually the people fight back giving everything they have in hopes to create a better, easier place for themselves and others.