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So you have no problem saying

So you have no problem saying that you're against ALL rape, even though there has never been a society with ZERO rape... nor will there ever be a future with the guarantee of ZERO rapes ever happening. Yet this doesn't prevent you from being against ALL rape, right?

Bear with me here:


Let's coin the term: "a-rapist"; and define it as: "someone who is of the belief that ALL rape is immoral".

Hopefully we both agree that someone can be an "a-rapist" and this doesn't mean they have any obligation to design a rape free society, right?

Nor do they have to make the argument that people will never ever try to rape either in the present or the future, right?

Nor do they personally have to do much to stop current rape, like putting on a superhero costume and going out at night, right? (after all you're against all rape and presumably dont do this)

So basically in order to be an "a-rapist":
1) they must of the mentality that ALL RAPE EVERYWHERE IS WRONG
2) they must refrain from raping
3) it's probably good, but not required, that they actually actively go out and try to stop rape
4) it's important to keep in mind they DONT have to predict a future with no rape in order to be an a-rapist. All an a-rapist speaks to is their view of the morality of rape, not the liklihood of their success in trying to eleminate it.


Now kindly just reread what I just typed and swap "coercion" and "anarchist" for "rape" and "a-rapist", respectively.