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Comment: Hate is a strong word

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Hate is a strong word

I could have used a better one.

Here is all I mean. I just see so many posts that don't listen to the content of what is being said, they immediately blow something off because it has such and such person or its from this network or whatever.

I don't have to enjoy or promote it to learn something. Even if all I'm learning is that these people are getting bad information that's helpful in how to engage them later. I have no idea what Beck is trying to do. I know he likes to make money like anyone else and so he is probably trying to tap into a new market I guess.
Even if that is true, is it such a bad thing that Liberty ideas and thoughts are being talked about and sometimes promoted?
(not asking you specifically, rhetorical question).

I say we use every way possible to get the message out and where these programs are in error lets talk about it in a civil way. "I like what they said about this but I didn't care for that"
See what I mean?

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul