Comment: "Free" internet or "free internet"?

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"Free" internet or "free internet"?

Any time that the government offers something "free", then is the time to look VERY carefully! Somehow free goodies from government unavoidably turn out to be unaffordably expensive as time goes by, from free education-the "publik skoolz", to "free heathcare"-remember that? the independence, quality, and even reasonable access disappears as government intervention and subsidies tighten.

Eventually, we may have government "free internet", but it will have, and be, nothing that we associate with the internet today. It will have a lot more in common with FCC regulated network TV, which is 'free' to the consumer and worth every penny, if you know what I mean!

We no doubt will also be plagued by the Paul Krugmans of the world, who will yammer endlessly how the internet failed because of "cutthroat competiton" and "corporate greed" and the government (who else?) had to step in to save the free market from itself..."

Free internet from the FCC? Look again, and more carefully!


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