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The time to "wonder" about zionists is long past.

Now is the time to demand that ALL dual-citizenship Americans holding high offices in this country relinquish their job or their dual-citizenship. You CAN'T have both!

Its fine to be a dual-citizen and I have no problem with that. I DO have a problem that someone holds a very high office in America and is a DUAL citizen to another country.

These positions were created for AMERICANS, alone, and that is how it SHOULD be!

Dressing their children up to mock 9/11, indeed! How, exactly, did that free them? Of course, many of the other costumes were also superficial and absurd, concerning the occasion, but these specific costumes were distasteful, at best, to Americans.

It caused me to begin my rant and preaching against one of my favorite topics: dual-citizenry in this country with regards to positions of high power within our gubber-mint.

DOWN with Zionism!

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