Comment: Hang in there.

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Hang in there.

Hang in there. In the end, these Anarchists aren't even a speed bump. Justice will be served. Never back down from these people because nobody knows better than them that their ideas are indefensible, impossible and undesirable in the real world, because the real world is filled violent liars and covetous people. They know this, yet need to pretend otherwise.

Most of them think they can control the debate with insults and thumbs down. They really don't know what to do when a person won't back down and starts talking about justice, because then they need to start talking about how they're going to serve justice (defend liberty) with "free market solutions" in a free market of collective violence. When you boil down their whole philosophy you get to the truth of the matter, destruction, privately funded goon squads and a world filled with free range warlords all fighting over who can buy the most muscle.

Make no mistake about it; Anarchists are the enemies of liberty, and there's a VERY good reason they sound like liberals running their mouths calling people retards and sheep while they attack people of faith. They're birds of a feather. They just needed try and pander to liberty minded people, and think Anarchism is a means to their ends.

As Anarchists, they can't really get involved in politics for a reason, they have nothing to offer people except destruction, hate, and chaos.

Even here where they think they've found a safe haven, their BS just doesn't really sell. The Daily Paul has become their echo chamber, and the Daily Paul is where their ideas come to die.