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Comment: Shouldn't have brought their kids to a battle.

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Shouldn't have brought their kids to a battle.

Yeah, the battle in your deluded mind. So a dozen guys walking down the street is a "battle"? Robert E Lee or George Washington would have shot these losers for cowardice in the extreme.

I guess that's the lie they had to tell themselves to make it "alright". We got to witness rationalization at time equal zero. They're probably still telling themselves this to this day.

Were any guns found on any of the victims? That weren't drop guns I mean.

Evil for good and good for evil - the Bible tells us perilous times will come, but what is in the greatest peril is the human conscience, which is being bombarded by desenitization from those powers and principalities of the air. Also foretold is the love of many waxing cold. I find it ironic that the middle eastern culture exhibits more compassion on a wounded man than our "Christian" nation, whose representatives with helicopters and instant communication cowers in fear over a guy writhing in pain who could "possibly" have a pistol in hand. Yeah, the controversy over this video isn't the engagement rules, it is the fact that the American soldier comes off as a total ass, jackboot, and psycho all at the same time. I guess it's the Phillippines all over again.

I need to stop ranting, but I had to get this out so my blood pressure might go back down.