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..please understand that when you list the defning charactericstics of being an anarchist, and you say that one of them is that you believe all aggression is wrong (or force, or whatever you would have replaced the word "rape" with in your definition) then the logical thinking person takes that to mean that you have no way of using your force to protect your rights. I realize that you don't view it that way, because that is ridiculous, however, that is why I hammer the dictionary defintion of terms, rather than what we all sort of think these things mean. "Government" exists when one or many control another. There is no part of the definition which requires the control to be initiated, coercive, agressive, premeditated, or anything else. Government is forced control. Bringing the population down to 2, I still create "government" by controlling my child, or by killing a man who aims to kill me. Anarchy, by the definition, is absense of government and by that defintion, it implies to those who aren't anarchists in the way you are, that anarchy means you don't have any right to use force in defense or in protection, because you said ALL force is immoral, so you wouldn't use it to protect yourself, or your child.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).