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Comment: Anyone who watched and

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Anyone who watched and

Anyone who watched and listened to Dr.Carson speak at the White house breakfast prayer know that the look on President Obama's face was priceless.Dr.Carson showed a lot of courage that morning.Those who say The Tea Party is apolitical party are wrong. They are a powerful movement showing America what has transpired in America under Obama and his administration. How just as Karl Marx dreamed, America has adopted most fragments of socialism.Norman Thomas, former editor of the Socialist Party USA magazine, The Nation, declared that America would never knowingly adopt socialism: but, under the name of liberalism,America would adopt every fragment of socialism and not know how it happened. Communist Party USA chief Sam Webb, stated at the Communist Party USA National Convention that with the election of Barack Obama, America was now 'on the road to socialism.' he also declared Barack Obama was a friend of the Communist Party USA.It is no secret that Saul Alinsky is Obama' and Hillary Clinton's mentor and Saul Alinsky's book, RULES for RADICALS has been Obama's play book.While a student at Wellseley College her senior 1969 thesis was on Saul Alinsky in which she praised him for his works. the Tea party can do only so much. More people have to stop watching and listening to any of the 30 major news outlets which have ties to George Soros. Instead, start doing their own research. Start reading some of the many books and publications available.those who have read quotations and letters from our founder know what Ron Paul has been saying for twenty years is true. The excuse i can't afford these books won't fly because many are available for as little $7.00 s&h included at and books, the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence are free in pdf at Patriot G.Edward Griffin," If America is to survive as a free nation, its citizens must become far more politically educated than they are at present."

Bob Marshall