Comment: Oh really? What else has he

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Oh really? What else has he

Oh really? What else has he done?

Oh that's right... He ran for President 'not to win' telling his supporters to hide their shows of support, to blend in with the crowd and if they felt the need to speak, to only parrot his talking points. I was even told by his campaign coordinator to pretend to be a Romney supporter.

Do you really think that Americans didn't know about this monetary scam? Did they need him to make the case for liberty? They know. They unjustly want what the scams offer them, plunder, and Ron Paul hasn't made the case for anything.

There's a reason people ridicule him. He's left out one crucial step in the process, justice, and in leaving out that step he's allowed you Anarchists to slowly creep in like a fungus and pretend injustice comes from government rather than our own covetous nature.

Here's my solution, limited and divided Constitutional Government; a Constitutional Republic for as long as you can hold onto it, and when you find that the people have become apathetic and allowed criminals to take control of that government, demand justice be served rather than trying to blame government itself.

I hate to break this to you little Anarchist, but I'm what Ron Paul pretends to be, an advocate for liberty and ready to defend it, a Libertarian, a Republican, and a Constitutionalist.

All you are is a liar and destroyer, so tell me now about your solutions. Tell me about how you want to destroy my country. Tell me about how government is the source of injustice and how a free market of goon squads and warlords are going to serve justice in your naive world. Tell me about how a world filled toll roads, extortion, and self worshiping snakes will lead to peace and enlightenment.

Try. Try T-R-Y.

Just don't pretend you're ever going to get the job done with debate, because you ideas are WORTHLESS to liberty, and in the end you're going to need to find enough people with guns to hide behind and use to do your dirty work, and should you ever pick up a gun yourself, remember, you will face justice.