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Why don't you tell us how

Why don't you tell us how your Constitution prevented people in government from utilizing powers not vested in the government by the Constitution?

Why don't you tell us, how with a government in place which doesn't recognize the people's authority -other than platitudes to placate the irrational such as yourself- you plan to return to your Constitution; concidering that the elections are rigged and your vote doesn't count.

Your Statist government has locked you out of the loop; how do you put that genie back in the bottle?

...and when you find that the people have become apathetic and allowed criminals to take control of that government, demand justice be served...

Who are you exactly going to demand justice from? You already stated as when the government has been taken over by criminals; so when that happens who do you demand justice from -the criminals whom taken over your government. Do you really beleive that the criminals who have taken over your governemnt will do what exactly; just say, "Well you got us. We'll leave now. You can have your Republic back."