Comment: You are free to think even in 2013

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You are free to think even in 2013

But if you do not think rationally, the result wont produce a value.

Your "most of us" is lame since there is no collective unity here. While Ron Paul himself tried to stay within progmatism of Ludwig von Mises and borrowed only limited portion from Rothbard, Lew and some others are open anarcho-capitalists. But anarcho-capitalists failed to demonstrate validity of their thoughts, they simply assume thier idea as a belief (not unlike Marxists belief in a miracle of historic dialectics.) Same with religious Libertarians - they stuck with miracles and beliefs, then use rational faculty to rationalize their dogma. Austrian economists like Hayek and Mises did not argue for freedom on moral ground, only based on utilitarian expediency.

The only rational consistent theory of LIBERTY comes from Ayn Rand. Since she exposed religious morality as being the same as the one of socialists, she is hated by the left and the "right" alike.